Tuesday, May 12, 2009



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  2. Hey!
    No I haven't, but thanks for your attention. I really try to find him, so I hope I will meet my unicorn very soon)In any way, I will mention about it.
    Your faivourite books are "War and Peace" and "Crime and Punishment"? Really? Such a hard books, besides they are completely russian. Are you made to study them by school or it's your initiative?
    Really curious)

  3. That's great. Checkhov? You are just a present for my literature teacher!
    I can't stand Pier, by the way.(from war and piece)
    The last filming of "War and Piece" was bad (at least for me)and despite of my love to A.Hupbern, "w and P" with her participation seems rediculous.
    May be if you like the book so much it would be great for you to watch the russian War and Piece. The Film is quite old, but beautiful. There are good actors and stage director, and amazing Andrey Balkonsky))